To Hell With Karl Marx: New Book, Film Out Soon

Filmmaker Robert Orlando connects the dots in today’s struggle between traditionalism and communism

Joseph Serwach
5 min readMar 2, 2021


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How does Robert Orlando follow his books and films about 2020, war, and Cold War? By exploring hell, of course, and the bizarre dreams of Karl Marx still messing with so many to this day.

Few know that Marx, the founding father of communism, based his seminal Das Capital on Dante’s Inferno, considered by theologians to be the best portrait and explanation of the dark fires of hell itself.

In other words, Orlando shows, Marx wasn’t just writing about economic or political history but was trying to recast Dante’s Inferno as capitalism.

In To Hell With Karl Marx: The American Exorcism, author and film director Robert Orlando returns to the intersection of history, politics, theology, current affairs, and the search for “self,” taking a personal journey looking at how we got back here.

Just two years ago, Orlando was collaborating with historian/political scientist Paul Kengor, exploring the amazingly fruitful partnership between Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II that crushed communism throughout the West. Or did they?

Reagan and John Paul, who studied Marx and communist authors in great depth, both agreed that a communist was someone who read Marx, but an anti-communist actually understood Marx’s meaning, purpose, and true goals.

At times, John Paul was known to carry around Marxist tracts (rather than his Bible) to understand the enemy better.

So it seems fitting that both Orlando and Kengor would follow up their Cold War stories with detailed studies of the demonic roots of those communist ideas that took on new attention in 2020.

Kengor’s 2020 book, The Devil and Karl Marx, offers readers a masterful, well-researched detailed look at Marx’s fascination with the devil, the enemy of his enemy: Marx dreamed of an atheistic, government-on-top-down worldwide system that would banish God.

A more personal look at the origins and ways of Marxism



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