Where it All Began: ‘The Summer of 19 You and Me’ reveals why we long for a perfect Eden — and why we aren’t yet ready

Image by Joe Chiaro from Pixabay.

Sometimes every answer seems inadequate. But a simple song with idyllic images can capture love better than 50,000 words ever could.

So it is with “19 You + Me,” a peppy Dan + Shay song from their 2014 debut album, Where It All Began. Their latest album, Good Things, debuts on August 13.

“19 You + Me” went platinum with more than 1 million downloads. It’s become a perennial summer song, an anthem to why Americans love Myrtle Beach: “Watching that blonde hair swing to every song I sing.”

Far more amazingly, when you watch the official music video, you…

More than 40 Years ago, Christie Brinkley was warned, “by the time you’re 30, you’ll be chewed up and spit out.”

Supermodel Christie Brinkley winds up to throw an autographed football into the audience during a United Service Organizations (USO) show in the Eagle Sports Complex at Tuzla Air Base, Bosnia, and Herzegovina, on Dec. 22, 1999. Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

Christie Brinkley, still as stunning at 67 as she was in her “glory days” of modeling in the 1980s, says the ultimate beauty tip is to focus on “gratitude.”

She’s now been on magazine covers for nearly five decades. Everyone asks, “how do you do it? What’s the secret?” Food? Products? Exercises? She says the attitude of gratitude, being grateful, trumps everything else.

Coleman Young II is a top vote-getter, narrowly missing first place; the general election is in November.

Former Detroit Mayor Coleman Young in 1981. Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

Coleman Young II, one of two top vote-getters in the citywide “at large” Detroit City Council primary election, is almost certainly heading toward the City-County Building named for his legendary father.

“I want to say thank you to the citizens for voting for me. This is such a humbling honor and experience,” Young said. “I’m better in all facets in my life because of the love and respect and advice of the people of Detroit. This is as much their victory as it is mine.”

When someone dies of COVID, everyone asks, ‘Were they vaccinated?’ Why states should add that key detail to their death tallies

Image by Fernando Zhiminaicela from Pixabay.

Our dear friend and mentor died of COVID-19 on July 19 and everyone was shocked. He was relatively young (71) and in great shape — how could it be?

Inevitably, they have one question, one piece of data everyone in the world seems to want to know when someone dies of this virus: were they vaccinated?

Everyone wants to know that one stat whether you text them or see them at the funeral — but turn on the news and this question is seldom (if ever) answered. The talking heads of media and government officials also avoid it.

Michigan health…

The definition of a devout Christian: Is it a feeling or a true commitment? Does calling yourself devout reveal your pride?

Speaker Nancy Pelosi with Catholic Bishop Aloysius Jin Luxian after discussing religious freedom in China. Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

What is a devout Catholic? What is the difference between a devout and a regular Catholic?

U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi repeatedly calls herself “a devout Catholic,” prompting her bishop, Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone of San Francisco, to issue a statement saying she isn’t:

“Let me repeat: No one can claim to be a devout Catholic and condone the killing of innocent human life, let alone have the government pay for it,” Cordileone said in a statement. “The right to life is a fundamental — the most fundamental ­– human right, and Catholics do not oppose fundamental human rights.”

Hours earlier…

Tony Koterba, the former Orchard Lake vice-chancellor and Ford executive died at age 71

Tony Koterba, the former Orchard Lake Schools vice-chancellor, Ford Motor Company, and Hollingsworth Logistics executive taught all the meaning of “hands-on” hard work. Above left: Koterba with Father Tim Whalen. Above right: Cardinal Stanisław Dziwisz, the Polish prelate and trusted secretary to St. John Paul the Great, embraces Tony Koterba. Photos via Orchard Lake Schools and Joseph Serwach.

ORCHARD LAKE, Mich. — From Ford factory floors to the young men who emulated him at St. Mary’s Prep to executives and clergy who needed his counsel, Tony Koterba always inspired others.

His steady strength, confidence, and vision transformed boys into men, girls into women, and helped turn stubborn fat-heads into fathers and father figures. Each knew him to be a fighter and righteous leader.

Nearly five years after he left his post as Orchard Lake’s first and only “non-priest” to serve as vice-chancellor overseeing the Polish Seminary, high school, and Polish Mission, the core members of his leadership team…

Metro Detroit still recovering from late June and early July flooding

The Detroit-side of Grosse Pointe/Detroit boundary in early July, after the first wave of flooding. Photo by Joseph Serwach.

DETROIT — The Wall Street Journal once compared the Grosse Pointe/Detroit border to the “Mason-Dixon line,” dividing the affluent suburbs from the gritty city.

Since the pounding rains and flooding began this summer, both sides of the “line” look very similar: massive piles of garbage bags, old mattresses, and water-soaked junk pile the curbs everywhere.

The Great Lakes Water Authority is expected to appoint former U.S. Attorney Jeffrey Collins to investigate June and July flooding that damaged more than 23,000 area homes.

The first wave hit June 25–26, and a second wave followed during downpours on July 16.

“The rain…

When Marshall Matt Dillon fought then befriended Khan, the greatest Star Trek villain of all time

CBS publicity photo of Miriam Colon and James Arness from the “Chato” episode of the television series “Gunsmoke” featuring Ricardo Montalban. Public domain photo via Wikimedia Commons.

The stars of “Star Trek” and “Gunsmoke” rate Ricardo Montalban as their top all-time favorite foe.

William Shatner (Star Trek’s James T. Kirk) argues, “he’s my favorite villain.” At the same time, James Arness (Marshall Matt Dillon on “Gunsmoke”) called the 1970 “Gunsmoke” episode where he faced Montalbam the best of the 20-year series.

“The episode ‘Chato’ is probably my all-time favorite show,” Arness said in a 2005 interview 30 years after the series ended. “Matt is sent out of his territory to stop the Apache, whose family was killed by U.S. …

The Self Spectrum: The main difference between sin and spiritual success starts with self, The Way

Padre Pio with Padre Clemente Tomay, his friend and confessor. Photo by Micheleamoruso via Wikimedia Commons.

How to find your Self Spectrum: Draw a line, a “spectrum,” with arrows going two ways. On one end, write “I, me, and mine.” At the other, write, “God, we, and ours.”

Back in 1986, psychologists came up with a similar “Spectrum of Self,” moving from the “Worry-State Self” to the “Actual Self” to your “Idealized Self” to the “Fantasized Self.” They forgot about God and all others (as we often do).

Our revamped “Self Spectrum” recognizes we all “live” somewhere between the two ends of our choices between:

  • Me vs. We, the choice between “my will’’ and “Thy Will.”

When you hear a song 100 times and 30 years later, a few lines leap out and make you say “Wow”

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay.

Old songs sneak upon us. I seldom try to pick my music. Instead, the power of “shuffle mode” makes a song take over when another app is finished.

That’s what happened to me this morning: the prayer app I “picked” was over, defaulting to the “Music app” that randomly (if you believe there’s such a thing as random) shuffled to “Walking in Memphis.

The song by Marc Cohn turns 30 this year. It’s always jumped out because it’s so different from the musical world it enters into. …

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