Those babies in strollers are actually dogs? Fertility rates crashing, but pet sales are booming

A new Michigan war protest is dubbed “No Dogs Left Behind,” honoring the animals (and humans) abandoned when U.S. forces fled Afghanistan.

Birth rates for babies are at a record low while there is new demand for dogs. Strollers and playpens developed for babies are now back with “dog” versions…

All the PR hype misses the fundamentals: The best James Bond films have seven ingredients in common

How do you bring back James Bond? Revenues are down after scoring a 2012 record, but seven 007 secrets provide a road map to future success.

Most of the “next James Bond” speculation stories — and Hollywood in general — tend to forget these seven 007 secrets:

1. Start with a bold, brave and believable Bond

Life in our high-speed social media age is sometimes like walking three dogs, each going in totally different directions

Life’s tug of war offers two ways to win: pull harder — or drop the rope.

Is your phone blowing up? All sorts of people pulling you in every direction? It’s kind of like walking three dogs at once (I’ve done this, see photo above).

Each wants to go a…

Woody Guthrie: ‘Any fool can make something complicated — It takes a genius to make it simple’

Less is more? The KISS Rule means Keep It Simple Stupid. A little says much.

As Woody Guthrie sang: “Any fool can make something complicated — It takes a genius to make it simple”

Flip to NPR, and there’s yet another interview with someone arguing the opposite: “Well, it’s very…

Another actor takes his own life: Why do we keep hurting ourselves? In the struggle for identity, we forget who we are

“Charlie Brown Commits Suicide,” the headline read. It was 3:00 in the morning, and my first thought was, “What have they done now?”

As the story downloaded, I imagined another Hollywood tear-down of an American classic, a cultural icon and childhood hero from the same society that needs to topple…

Most debate laws, right and wrong: Hardened hearts soften over a lifetime, but ultimately all sides need prayer, monthly Rosary marches begin in Detroit

A victimless crime means “all parties consent and no one is hurt.” Abortion is the opposite: it eventually hurts everyone involved.

The latest global data: 29 percent of all pregnancies and 61 percent of unintended pregnancies end with an abortion.

For decades, pro-choice advocates said “no one is pro-abortion: we’re…

Your great secret: You’re the best (at some things) and an utter disaster (at all the rest), how to find your niche

Everyone is great at something — and terrible at far more. Yet, we keep judging tasks, others, and ourselves, asking: Important, optional, a total waste of time — or somewhere in the middle?

The friendly young man asked if he could join our table, we welcomed him, and he babbled…

This actual moment had all the makings of a comedy classic, lessons on the perils of isolation, narcissism, trapped in our own crazy bubble

This real-life moment had all the makings of classic comedy — except it happened, showing how easy it is to get trapped in bubbles.

Larry (I forget his real name) came up to address our group of more than 100. He pulled out a sheet of paper, saying:

“I got…

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