7 reasons you should visit Myrtle Beach, Hilton Head Island during the worst part of the offseason

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One lone beach-walker had the beach to themselves on Hilton Head Island in February near Ocean Oak Resort. Photo by Joseph Serwach.

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. — More than 150 million Americans were under “snow emergency warnings” as I sat alone in an inviting South Carolina hot tub.

It was 45 degrees outside (cold for Myrtle Beach) as Texas was snowed-in with temperatures in the 20s.

South Carolina is balmy in comparison. The rain was pounding, and I reminded myself I was in one of the warmest places in America — with a beautiful resort (largely) to ourselves.

We’d booked this trip last spring (not knowing record-shattering winter storms would coincide with this February trip). …

When we worship technology and productivity: Whatever we don’t yet have will provide the solution?

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Audrey Meadows and Jackie Gleason as Ralph and Alice Kramden in “The Honeymooners.” Public domain photo via Wikimedia Commons.

There’s a messy corner in our home — yours too? Embarrassing power stips, blinking lights, and miles of dusty tangled cords leading to things time forgot.

Cutting cords is enticing. But you look at this mess of technology and fear unplugging the wrong cord. Everything might fall apart. So you “fix it’’ by ordering a new service. Letthe cable guy” dive into this tangled disarray.

The American Dream: One more purchase will solve your problems, make you more productive — and then? You’ll be happy.

So we “fix’’ one problem by replacing one thing or service (or person) with…

Filmmaker Robert Orlando connects the dots in today’s struggle between traditionalism and communism

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Image courtesy of Jason Pearson, Nexus Media.

How does Robert Orlando follow his books and films about 2020, war, and Cold War? By exploring hell, of course, and the bizarre dreams of Karl Marx still messing with so many to this day.

Few know that Marx, the founding father of communism, based his seminal Das Capital on Dante’s Inferno, considered by theologians to be the best portrait and explanation of the dark fires of hell itself.

In other words, Orlando shows, Marx wasn’t just writing about economic or political history but was trying to recast Dante’s Inferno as capitalism.

In To Hell With Karl Marx: The American…

A box of your grandpa’s old junk can be like a time capsule into your own identity?

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My grandfather (center) holding my father as an infant. 1943 family photo from the Serwach Archives.

A big “Subway Subs” box arrived in the mail — it wasn’t that kind of food. My dad was shipping me new “gifts” from a grandfather who died in 1944.

Social media is abuzz about the latest “spooky AI” technology allowing us to turn old photos into videos bringing dead ancestors “back to life.” It’s shocking how well you can know someone you never met.

“The living owe it to those who no longer can speak to tell their story for them,” Czesław Miłosz argued.

How will you be remembered more than 75 years after you die? My latest “time…

Secret no more: The fantastic pizza you never heard of is going national

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We traveled to Beckley, West Virginia, to test Pizza Hut’s new “Detroit Style Pizza,” rolling out nationally in 2021. Photo by Joseph Serwach.

DETROIT — The Motor City is also the Pizza City. Two of the three largest chains are based here as their main rival takes “Detroit Style Pizza” national.

Everyone is familiar with New York, Chicago, and California-style pizzas but Detroit? Oddly, even most Detroiters aren’t familiar with “Detroit Style” because Michigan is home to (or the inspiration of) so many pizza variations:

  • Ann Arbor-based Domino’s Pizza is the nation’s largest pizza chain, growing up just west of Detroit, focused on delivering traditional “round” pizzas in 30 minutes. Founded in 1960, Domino’s had more than 15,914 locations in 2019, with total…

Why some adults prefer child-sized portions: Everything in moderation? When less means more

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Image by Fortepan via Wikimedia Commons.

Americans love spicy food. Finally, my doctor said to cut (or minimize) basically every meal I love. Doctor’s orders: Smaller, less acidic portions.

“No wonder Americans can get so nasty,” I thought. “A lot of our food and drinks are chock full of acid.”

The doctor said I could have one cup of coffee (but no more). Alcohol, soda pop, and tea were also on the “bad” list, along with just about every spicy, fried, meaty meal I adore. So I shifted to soup, salads, and blander fare.

Within 40 days, I lost nearly 20 pounds eating “safe stuff.” Doctors…

The Polish pope came to the buckle of the Bible Belt when it was the least Catholic state in America

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The stained glass window honoring St. John Paul the Great in St. Andrew Catholic Church in Myrtle Beach, S.C. Photo by Joseph Serwach.

FORT MILL, S.C. — St. John Paul the Great knew he had to visit South Carolina when he found out it was the least Catholic state in America.

‘’How is it to live with 98 percent non-Catholic people?’’ the first Polish pope asked Bishop Ernest Unterkoefler of Charleston, S.C., during a 1984 meeting.

Unterkoefler said it was “a great challenge.” And three years later, the University of South Carolina was added to John Paul’s 1987 tour of North America, the first papal visit to America’s Southern Baptist Bible Belt.

Just 2.1 percent of South Carolina’s 3.35 million residents were Catholic…

More to life than hot and cold: The glory of sunrise on a cloudy day, real falls, lasting springs

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Image by Monika Robak from Pixabay.

It was snowing as my bride and I got into her convertible and drove 879 miles during February’s deepest freeze. The Weather Channel called it: “Historic Winter Invasion.”

More of the United States is under winter storm advisory warnings (as I write this) than at any point over the past 10 years. Mostly warmer places like Texas, Tennessee, and Seattle are getting hit by snow and arctic chills.

During our drive from Michigan to South Carolina, we saw snow, fog, and rain before my wife saw South Carolina’s Low Country forest, declaring, “It looks like fall here.”

And finally, I…

The Way to great things? Accept and appreciate your own gifts

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Vanity by Auguste Toulmouche (1829–1890). Public domain image via Wikimedia Commons.

Imagine you’re history’s most incredible author, creating a character you truly love (your baby).

Now imagine your baby (like all great characters) takes on a life of their own, rejecting and ignoring you (their author), changing their nature and the whole story. That, in a nutshell, is sin: creation rejecting its creator.

The word “author” comes from “authority” because authors are authorities on their creations. The Author of the Universe is God. We are His creations following one of two roads, both starting with:

  • The Gift. Everything (except our own sin) is a gift. The Father gives every child unique…

“Took a wrong turn, and I just kept going”? Springsteen harkened to middle — America fired back

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Photo by Jose Antonio Gallego Vázquez on Unsplash

Now we know why Bruce Springsteen avoided commercials. Back in 1984, we bought music based on quality and picked politicians based on politics.

Springsteen’s 1984 album, “Born in the USA,” sold a massive 30 million copies the same year that 54 million Americans (nearly 59 percent of U.S. voters) re-elected Republican President Ronald Reagan.

At the time, most album buyers knew Springsteen (the biggest star of the time) was a prominent Democrat who disliked Reagan. …

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